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  • What is Velhome?
    Velhome is a collaborative solution allowing cyclists to park their bikes with trusted hosts.
  • How it works ?
    It's very simple! Just go to the parking map and look for those that might match your criteria! Then, in the description of the parking proposal, click on "Contact me", fill in the necessary information and we will then put you in touch with the host!And if you want to become a host, all you have to do is fill out a simple form, available here!Attention: The presence of the host is mandatory, both when the cyclist drops off his bike at home, but also when he picks it up.
  • What are the parking spaces offered?
    Velhome only allows private places for parking: apartments, gardens, terraces, balconies, cellars, attics, garages...Collective places or places belonging to the co-ownership will not be referenced on the application, because they do not offer a sufficient level of security in our opinion.
  • Quels types de stationnements sont possibles ?
    Sur Velhome, vous avez la possibilité de garer votre vélo chez un particulier pour 3 cas d'usage principaux : 1) Des stationnements ponctuels en ville : le temps de faire une course, d'aller à un rendez-vous ou de passer une journée dans le centre-ville 2) Des stationnements réguliers : si vous n'avez pas assez d'espace chez vous pour laisser votre vélo, garez-le tous les jours chez un voisin ! 3) Des stationnements en cyclotourisme : quand vous voyagez à vélo, il est souvent compliqué de garer son vélo dehors quand il porte des sacoches. Lorsque vous vous arrêtez pour une visite, garez votre vélo chez un particulier !
  • What happens in the event of theft while parking at a Velhome host?
    Rest assured, Velhome is a caring community of cyclists. Our teams call hosts who register on Velhome to validate their reliability. So far, no bike theft has occurred from a host. Indeed, parking your bike with a private individual is much more secure than leaving it in the street or in a building courtyard. Note that in the event of theft from your host, the host's home insurance may come into play, as this is entrusted property.
  • What types of bikes are allowed for parking?
    All bikes are allowed on our app: city bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, pedelecs, cargo bikes, scooters... and even velomobiles!However, some guests are forced to refuse the largest bicycles, for lack of space or because of restricted access to the parking space.
  • How much does it cost ?
    Registration is completely free, whether you are a host or a cyclist!Hosts can then offer secure parking for free or for a fee. Most parking is now free, out of solidarity between cyclists.In all cases, the conditions are discussed before parking and we ensure that no excessive pricing is practiced.
  • Is this service secure?
    Yes! We are very vigilant about the safety of our community. Indeed, we keep a close eye on each connection in order to avoid any problem. In addition, we collect testimonials from our users in order to eliminate profiles that do not play the game.When our application is available, we will implement a profile verification system at the time of registration. Users will also be able to rate each other and leave comments, all allowing the best profiles to stand out. To know: We only accept private and secure places (apartment, cellar, balcony...), and not collective places which belong to the co-ownership. Thus, parking is much more secure than in the street or in the courtyards of buildings, where thefts are much more frequent.
  • What are the riskiest parking areas?
    With several hundred declared bicycle thefts throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland on the Velhome website, you can easily identify which areas are most at risk for parking your bicycle. Check out this map of stolen bikes, and be careful where you park your bike.
  • How do I find my stolen bike with Velhome?
    Have you been the victim of a bike theft? We invite you to report the theft of your bike on our site. Members of the Velhome community will help you find your stolen bike. Velhome is the 1st support community between cyclists against bicycle theft.
  • How can Velhome be known?
    Do you want to contribute to the development of Velhome? A small post on social networks can already be of great help to us, because nothing replaces word of mouth, especially for a collaborative solution such as Velhome. Here you will find some visuals and post ideas ready to use for your next post.
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